Project Description

Sometimes you just have to hide some Photos, Videos and Personal Notes on your phone from other people that might use it. iLockr makes this easy.

Hide photos and videos from your iPhone’s photo app into iLockr. After imported to iLockr your Photos and Videos will remain locked behind an easy-to-use PIN pad. This allows only you to see Private Photos, Videos and Notes.

Your public photo gallery remains available for your family, friends and anyone who wants to have a look at your phone.

Easily manage your private Photos, Videos and Notes in folder structure.

» Passcode 4 Digits
» Passcode Recovery threw Email address
» Self-destruction, 5 chances to correct passcode. After that, the app will automatically erase all data in this app. (Default is off)

» Quick and Parallax effect Photo & Video viewer
» Thumbnail view
» Folder structure.
» Multiple Import and Export media file from and to Photo Album.
» Quick add button
» Share your photo on Social Media

» Create and edit universal Rich Text Format file
» Apply font family and text size
» Apply font color and style (bold, underline, italics) to each individual word and sentence.
» Apply justification your sentences and paragraphs
» Combine different text sizes
» Justify and Indent
» Share to email

  • Client:

    Creative Era

  • Client Testimonial:

    I like to work with him again and again.... really talented guy. He delivered my project before my expectation with testing. Wonderful!!