Project Description

PartyOn is a social media experience for people looking to meet up and socialize in real time.  Interact with your friends or find new people in your area right now! PartyOn gives you access to an unlimited landscape of potential parties, plans, and events created by people just like you.  Add a party to the map to expand the fun or join a live party today! Watch plans update in real time via comments or post pictures of the good times being had! What are you waiting for? Lets PartyOn !

– Interact with people in your area.
– Find parties on the map in real time.
– Join a party and interact with the guest list.
– Start your own party and let the people know where the good times are going to be.
– Customize your personal profile page with pictures and a description about yourself.
– Chat with other users.
– Rate the parties you have attended to build your party history and show the world what a good time is all about !

Live Preview
  • Client:

    Tim Mallen

  • Client Testimonial:

    Working with Technace has been a great experience. We spoke to a number of developers before making the choice to work with Technace and after successfully completing the project we are more than happy with the outcome. The team helped guide our vision and develop our idea into reality. The development process was professional, efficient and effective. Technace had the experience and the knowledge to get the job done exactly the way we wanted. They were able to implement any and all feedback and changes we requested quickly and effectively. We are very happy with the outcome and hope to continue a relationship with Technace for future needs.