Thin Woman’s brain

Thin Woman’s brain

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About Thin Woman’s brain

The Thin Woman’s Brain is not only an account of Ms. Suriel’s personal triumph in ending the insidious dieting cycle, but more importantly a passionate and thoroughly researched, scientifically based explanation of what options women like Ms. Suriel have to return to their natural eating behaviors.

We as Technace helped them to built custom modules in their website like assessment,  Mermber Login area, Custom Cart and Payment Gateway with Paypal and CC. We always help them to reach their target audience and promote their book “The Thin Woman’s Brain” which was trend in Amazon’s book store.

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    Thin Woman's brain

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    I was extremely happy with the performance of Technace. From Day 1 they exhibited an extremely high level of professionalism and expertise. They will definitely be involved in any future projects of mine.